Thursday, July 9, 2009

More on the Festival...

As I write this, I am sitting in a internet cafe on Regent Street after a wonderful performance of a play called Re:Design about the friendship and correspondace of Charles Darwin and Asa Gray, the Harvard botanist who was Darwin's greatest American supporter. But I will get back to that in due time. I still need to catch up on the next few days. I'll try and give a brief summary, but also need my sleep tonight for tomorrow (in my time line, not the order I'm summarizing) is the last day of an incredibly amazing Festival/Conference.

Aside: today I had the strangest feeling as I was standing talking to philosopher Daniel Dennett (Darwin's Dangerous Idea) and author Matt Ridley (The Red Queen, Nature Via Nurture). Two towering presences in evolutionary biology, and they were literally towering over me (I'm 6 foot tall, and they are both huge!) it was a great moment having a conversation with them. I got a picture with Dan and Matt was kind enough to personalize a book for me. All told I ended up with three evolutionary biology/Darwin books signed by the authors! (stay tuned to find out who)

Yikes! The cafe is closing and I barely got anything posted. More to come when I can get access to a computer. I promise!

(punting on the Cam was brilliant, not to mention Darwin hiphop dancing at the Zoological Museum)

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