Monday, July 6, 2009

Grand Opening Event

Last night Angie and I attended the opening event at the Botanic Gardens, which was a great place to hold them coinsidering the gardens were first started by John Stevens Henslow, Darwin's mentor at Cambridge and the man responsible for him getting the position of Naturalist on the Beagle. We walked down a beautiful path through the gardens and past greenhouses full of a diverse group of plants to arrive at the event. It was a lovely event, with the champagne flowing freely.

We were welcomed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University and the editor-in-chief of Science magazine. There was yummy food and entertainment by some students doing spoken word performance and three raps by Baba Brinkman! We chatted with Baba and met up with Joan Sharp, from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. I'd also like to welcome Joan's students from Bisc 316, Vertebrate Biology. She's asked all of them to follow our adventures at the Festival and she will hopefully be writing up some of her own observations later in the week.

I have to go now, to continue to listen to the talks. I'm not sure when I'll have time to do all the blogging, because there's so much to do and experience here! But I'll try my best to fit blogging in when I can, but might have to suppliment my posts this week after I get back home and have more time.

Next up: I'll write up this morning's introductory talks by Dame Gillian Beer, Richard Dawkins and a fascinating panel on Darwin's Impact as well as this afternoon's set of 5 talks on speciation, historical and modern views.

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