Sunday, July 5, 2009

Arrival in Cambridge

I've made it to Cambridge after two really fun and busy days in London. Didn't get to see many Darwin related things while in London, but am very eager to start exploring Cambridge itself.

The city is really fantastic! I wasn't really prepared for how busy it would be with tourists and was also suprised how indistinguishable the city and the university are, there is no single campus, but the entire city is dotted with various colleges. There is Trinity College, founded by Henry VIII in 1546, King's College, which is famous for it's chapel where Darwin used to listen to concerts, and of course Christ's College (be sure the click on the link for more information), where Darwin was a student.

I must be off to get dressed for the Grand Opening Event at the University Botanic Garden which starts in less than an hour! From the Festival site:

"The Festival will be opened by Alison Richard, Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge. There will also be presentations from Bruce Alberts, Editor-in-Chief of Science magazine and Stephen Bourne, Chairman and CEO of Cambridge University Press. Canada's rap artist, Baba Brinkman and Evolving Words will make cameo appearances with their own special brand of performance."

I can't wait to see Baba Brinkman's rap performance again. He was a friend I made when he performed at UBC, and I strongly supported his addition to the festival.

I'll report back tomorrow about tonight's opening event and tomorrow's morning lecture:
"Introduction: Darwin’s Universal Impact"
Speakers will include Dame Gillian Beer and Professor Richard Dawkins on Darwin’s impact on culture, history, philosophy of science and evolutionary theory.

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