Thursday, July 30, 2009

Darwin's rooms at Christ's College

Day Four
Thursday morning, July 9th

I visited Christ's College at the University of Cambridge to view the rooms where Charles Darwin stayed as a student. They have recently undergone an amazing restoration to their nineteenth-century appearance. (Click on the pictures to make them larger)

Christ's College, University of Cambridge

Post cards and a pamphlet on sale at the College

The College grounds

A list of the students and their rooms (as they existed in about 1828)

The restoration process of the room as it looked in early 2009,
in preparation for the bicentennial year

Darwin's room, photographed when I visited in July, 2009

A rather modest bedroom

The desk where Darwin looked over his collections

A much fancier living/dining room

A plaque on the wall

A view of the gardens

Earlier I posted a picture of myself with this newly created
bronze statue of a young Darwin the student on the grounds of Christ's.

My lovely fiancee Angie (now wife), posing with the statue

Some information about the connections between Darwin and Christ's

And good news for those who are interested in seeing some of the talks I've been been describing! From the Darwin Festival website:

"We have made recordings of all the day-time sessions and we also have over 24 hours worth of interviews with speakers and delegates. Once this has been edited, which may take some time, this resouce will be made available via the Festival website as well as a number of other channels.

We are also putting a Festival photo gallery together which will be accessible online soon."

I'll let you all know when the photos and videos are on the site!

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